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YouTube Channels - YouTube Channels

People and organizations from all over the world are investing time, money, and research in the automotive industry. These YouTube channels focus on the latest trends in the market.

Transport Evolved –

This YouTube channel focuses on the latest news about safer, smarter, and more sustainable methods of transportation. The host talks about the latest trends in the electric vehicle industry and discusses various related topics with leaders in the industry.

Fully Charged Show –

This innovative YouTube channel is hosted by Robert Llewellyn, who devotes most of his time and energy to research in the electric vehicle industry. The channel talks about electric cars, boats, bikes, and planes. He discusses how electricity can be harnessed to power these machines in a sustainable manner.

Benjamin Nelson –

The host on this show is an all-rounder in the automotive industry. He is devoted to finding more efficient ways of travelling and creating a more sustainable future for everyone. He discusses everything from the mechanical to the electrical aspects of new cars. Benjamin also hosts interviews to discuss the latest trends in the electric vehicle industry.

Driving Electric –

This show is based in the United Kingdom, and it discusses plug-in hybrid, plain hybrid, and all-electric vehicles in the automotive industry. The hosts discuss the efficiency, reliability, and affordability of electric cars. Get all the facts you need about electric cars all in one place.

The EV Puzzle –

This channel is devoted to people with a passion for electric cars. It discusses the appeal of electric cars regarding the quiet driving experience it offers to drivers. The host tries to make an argument for electric cars from a unique perspective.

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